Reviewing the development history of BAOYE, we found no success but enterprises growth.The achievements we accumulated today benefited from the reform and opening-up policy, also thanks to the predominant economical policy of Zhejiang Province and the support from all levels of government. In addition, there are several value connotations that play a crucial role during the development of BAOYE, that is the pursuit of excellence, the appropriate management system, the scientific and humanistic operating concept, the innovated enterprising spirit and the style of thrifty and perseverance.

There is a saying "One cannot eat fat by one bite, success relies on perseverance". Each of us should take responsibility of achieving success as it still has a long way to go. For the future, I would summarize in four aspects "healthy growth is the principle; keep insisting is the correct path; value connotation is the guarantee; the unity of knowledge and action is the basis".